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Aquachem granules
Get rid of soluble iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from well water supplies

Its a media that utilizes an oxidation reduction reaction and filtration process.

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Manganite (Greensand)
Get rid of soluble iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from well water supplies

 Its coating acts as a catalyst in the oxidation reduction reaction of iron and manganese.


Aquachem Granules Application Parameters


  Manganese Granules (MnO2) is so simple to use and a little bit can go a long way if a few basic guidelines   are followed.

Water Testing:

The first step in the proper installation of a Manganese Granules (MnO2) filtration system is to have a reliable knowledge of the subject water’s chemistry. Always test the water as accurately as possible before designing a system*.

The nature of the water’s chemistry will affect how the system is to be designed and operated. Manganese Granules (MnO2) by itself is capable of removing the following contaminant levels chemical free:

Iron.............................. 27.0 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide............... 17.0 ppm
Manganese..................... 11.0 ppm

While Manganese Granules (MnO2) is capable of removing higher contaminant levels, such applications should be considered as special cases .Pilot testing and the use of additional treatment such as oxidizing agents, chemicals regeneration, or tannin removal media should be considered.



The next important step in ensuring a proper Manganese Granules (MnO2) installation is to make sure the media receives a thorough backwashing. A strong backwash is important to break loose the contaminant particles and keep the bed clean so that it can continue to filter the water at peak level. Manganese Granules (MnO2) is a rather heavy media, weighing 114 lbs/ cu .ft. A value capable of lifting the bed at least 20% to 50% at a rate of 12 to 15 gpm/sq.ft @ 60 F during backwash, the bed will eventually foul and the system will fail.

A daily backwash is highly recommended, but not always necessary, depending on the water’s chemistry. Because of Manganese Granules (MnO2) superior oxidation/filtration capability of other similar media


Additional  Treatments :

The third step is to consider the use of oxidizers, chemical regeneration , and other additional treatments in special cases. When the subject water’s contaminant levels exceed the recommended removal limits, Manganese Granules (MnO2) will continue to outperform the competition. However, the use of an additional oxidizing agent (e.g. oxygen, chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, etc) is recommended. Oxidizers will not adversely affect Manganese Granules (MnO2). As a matter of fact, they will enhance its performance. They super – oxidize the media, which enables Manganese Granules (MnO2) to perform quicker and keep cleaner. As a matter of great measure, it is always a safe practice to install an oxidation method upstream (in front) of the Manganese Granules (MnO2) bed to ensure that the oxidation reduction reaction is 100% complete.

Similarly, the use of chemical regeneration, while often not necessary for Manganese Granules (MnO2) to operate properly, will not harm the media, and if performed regularly, will extend the life of the media.

Tannin removal media, mixed bed resins or carbon polishing filters may also be necessary depending upon the specific water’s chemistry. Consult an experienced design engineer with specific application problems and establish a pilot test site. Any iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese removal installation, regardless of contamination levels, will surely benefit from having Manganese Granules (MnO2) properly designed into the system.

Manganese Granules (MnO2) is clearly the choice for any residential, commercial, and industrial iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese removal application. Its superior particle strength, high removal capacities, and ease of installation allow Manganese Granules (MnO2) to leave the competition behind in terms of performance and value.

 Note: Testing recommended for soluble iron, home iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, pH, TDS,              and Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP).